Green Office Tool™

Our Green Office Tool (GOT) is an interactive, online assessment tool for businesses occupying commercial office space.


For the commercial property management sector, the GOT is a Tenant Engagement tool that measures the sustainability efforts of tenants within office buildings. The GOT measures tenant sustainability through six key performance indicators: energy, waste, water, transportation, procurement and leadership.  Upon completion of the tool, tenants receive a score, a comparative analysis, and detailed recommendations to improve their sustainability performance within their office.

All of this information is then funneled up to a dashboard for the Property Management company so that they can view and understand their tenants’ collective performance and benchmark their Property Management’s tenant engagement efforts.  The Landlord receives both cumulative and comparative data of their tenants’ and portfolios’ performance; thus allowing them to better direct technical, operational, educational, and behavioural support of their tenants and reduce the overall environmental footprint of their buildings.

GOT - Results

For business with many office locations, the Green Office Tool is a benchmarking tool to measure office sustainability. The GOT is site-specific, providing a detailed analysis of sustainability performance at each of your locations.  It is accessible to every-sized office and can be completed by designated personnel at each site, providing your head office with cumulative and comparative sustainability data for each of your locations. Organizations use the GOT to benchmark their sustainability performance and create and track progress towards conservation and reduction goals.

GOT - Comparative Results

The Green Office Tool was developed by TurnLeaf in consultation with a number of sustainability and property management industry experts. For more information, including a tour or trial of the Tool, please visit