Consulting Services

As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, we balance a strategic view of where your organization wants to go, with a tactical view of how to get you there. We bring the vision of your organization’s future together with the day-to-day practicalities of implementing a sustainability plan. Our triple bottom line approach ensures financial and social considerations are factored into the development of your sustainability strategy.

Sustainability Assessment and Strategy

We believe that a well-articulated mission, an integrated communications roadmap, a defined set of performance metrics, and the implementation of regular review and revision protocols are fundamental elements of a winning sustainability strategy. We assess your organization’s physical property, review your information systems and communication methods, and analyse your industry’s sustainability benchmarks, to provide you with a comprehensive strategy that ensures your economic and environmental success, for today and tomorrow.

Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement

Our team draws upon our deep expertise and experience in designing and implementing multi-stage communication strategies and change management programs, to strengthen the internal and external engagement of your stakeholders. We identify shared values, acknowledge motivations, address barriers, and build your organization’s capacity for change through social marketing tools, prompts, messaging, and incentives.

“TurnLeaf helped us create relevant, meaningful programs. They provided new tools for measuring employee engagement, as well as a structure that aligns with our corporate objectives, to ensure continued success. After one year of working with TurnLeaf we measured a significant 670,000 kWh reduction in energy consumption, attributable to employee behaviour. This is a 5% reduction and a savings of $53,600.00.” Alana Williams, Whistler Blackcomb

Online Interactive Learning Tools

TurnLeaf has built a suite of customizable education and engagement tools to enhance learning and maximize target audience participation in our clients’ sustainability programs. This online-facing platform includes a variety of fun, interactive games and shared media opportunities to extend your education and engagement efforts, while also enhancing your sustainability profile.

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Sustainable Brand Development

We believe in aligning your company’s walk with its internal and external talk. To fully complement your sustainability efforts, TurnLeaf designs authentic, unified, and compelling campaigns that go beyond just broadcasting a message, to become a consistent resonating theme of sustainability – that is, your sustainability brand. A sustainability brand is an important aspect that aligns all of your efforts into a consistent, recognizable package that speaks to your values, objectives and accomplishments.

“TurnLeaf helped us to identify many opportunities for our building occupants to actively participate in greener workplace behaviours, resulting in a greater awareness and alignment with Bentall Kennedy’s objectives. As well, TurnLeaf’s professional and creative marketing and communications have helped to strengthen and bring meaning to our environmental brand: Forever Green.” Jon Wellman, Bentall Kennedy

Stakeholder Surveying, Dialogue Facilitation, and Focus Groups

We have designed a suite of sophisticated survey tools to glean insight and opportunities across a multitude of your organization’s business functions and conservation priorities. From measuring your employees’ commitment and contribution to your environmental values and goals, to evaluating clients’ perceptions of your sustainability program, our baseline and comparative data provides visibility and objectivity into what matters. Because our survey tools are customized to inform and guide your unique needs, they can be purchased independently, or as part of a full service consulting strategy.

Measurement and Evaluation

TurnLeaf measures the positive impacts of your sustainability platform to provide you with the data necessary to tell meaningful stories. At the onset of any initiative, we collect baseline resource consumption and stakeholder perception data, analyse industry benchmarks, and set material targets from which to evaluate against your actual performance. And, throughout the project, we actively measure your progress, capture areas of strength and opportunity, and translate and transport successes to those who matter most: your stakeholders.

Property Sustainability Certifications and Awards

Environmental certification presents a strategic opportunity for organizations not only to drive improvement, but also to signal their commitment to exceeding industry and regulatory standards. LEED and BOMA BESt are two such certification programs that TurnLeaf has had extensive experience guiding clients through.

Taking it one step further, TurnLeaf has also helped several clients apply for and achieve recognition, as well as local national and awards, within various industry sectors and at various levels.

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