Our Methodology

Decades of behaviour change initiatives show that people’s behaviour is influenced by tangible variables such as the cost of resources, and the availability of technical solutions (e.g. CFL light bulbs), in addition to intangible variables such as knowledge, commitment, and values, rather than information alone.


Facilitating long-lasting change requires a clear understanding of why we behave the way we do, what motivates us to do things differently, and how we can eliminate barriers standing in the way of our objectives. At TurnLeaf, our approach includes a full assessment of the target audience and their physical environment to create, test, implement, and measure successful and sustained approaches that strategically link their behaviours to the client’s reduction goals.

Our methodology draws upon the principles of change management, social psychology, and behavioural economics, as well as the tools of Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM), a practice developed by environmental psychologist Doug McKenzie-Mohr.

A sample of the output of these combined disciplines is outlined in the table below.