Sustainability Consulting Solutions

No two organizations are the same; nor are their challenges. That’s why we’ve built a nimble set of packages and tools that can offer whatever mix, depth and breadth of services needed to accelerate the positive results of your sustainability efforts.

This package is designed for companies eager to initiate and to implement a portfolio of environmental and social practices and processes that signal the beginning of its sustainability journey. It includes a thorough assessment of your organization’s strengths and opportunities, the building, execution and management of a scalable sustainability strategy, and the development and integration of a platform that communicates your legacy of innovation, leadership, and business excellence.

This services is designed to meet the immediate needs of your business, while informing, shaping, and inspiring your long-term strategies and objectives. It includes our employee Behaviour, Attitudes and Readiness survey, as well as our Green Office Tool™ assessment, goal setting workshops, a comprehensive gap and recommendation analysis, as well as communication plan development and integration, to establish a scalable sustainability program and brand that contributes to your legacy of community, leadership, and excellence.


This solution is for organizations that have an existing sustainability program in place, and are seeking to uncover and activate additional opportunities for business growth, profitability, and enhanced brand value. We achieve this by deepening your current scope of practices, crafting targeted communications, designing implementation campaigns that minimize barriers and maximize benefits to engagement, mapping feedback channels, and sharing performance through a scalable green brand.

This solution is often selected by organizations that are looking for new ways to build business and brand value by improving environmental and social impact with positive economic results — ideas and strategies that go above and beyond compliance and what your peers might already be doing. You understand the value of sustainability, and now want smart strategic thinking, novel, innovative ideas, and a strong market position, with demonstrated success metrics, when possible.

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SOLUTION C: Commercial Real Estate – Tenant Engagement

Through TurnLeaf’s extensive experience in commercial real estate, we have worked with asset managers, building owners, operators, and occupants, not only to identify, optimize, and pursue energy efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainability engagement programs, but also to leverage their inherent value through environmental certification and external marketing and branding. Such efforts keep assets competitive, strengthening tenant loyalty and attracting sophisticated, first class tenants who are seeking more efficient, greener buildings.

TurnLeaf’s proprietary Green Office Tool™ (GOT) is the foundational element to building and growing a robust program of tenant engagement in sustainability.  The GOT platform is designed for sophisticated landlords of commercial office buildings needing to meet aggressive targets for energy, waste and water reduction. Tenant actions account for 15-25% of a building’s electricity consumption; and traditionally, landlords have had very limited knowledge of what’s going on within tenant spaces with respect to their engagement and participation in sustainability, as landlords don’t normally “cross the lease line.”SoundsgreaUtilizing the Green Office Tool, tenants are able to garner a full analysis of their office-based sustainability efforts. Upon completion of the tool, the tenant receives a score, a comparative analysis, and detailed recommendations to improve their sustainability performance within their office.

The GOT then funnels all this information up to a dashboard for the Property Management company so you can view and understand your tenants’ collective performance and benchmark your properties’ tenant engagement efforts.  As the landlord, you receive both cumulative and comparative data of your tenants’ and portfolios’ performance; thus enabling you to better direct educational, operational, technical and behavioural support of your tenants to reach your properties’ reduction and conservation targets.

Stemming from your properties and tenants GOT scores, TurnLeaf works with you to develop a comprehensive tenant engagement strategy and plan. Together, we prioritize focus areas and develop appropriate tools that address ROI’s, motivations, barriers and benefits to you and your tenants.

1. Prioritized sustainability initiatives based upon specific issues and opportunities uncovered in the GOT that are relevant and resonate to your building owners, operators, staff, and tenants.

2. Continuous review of Goals, KPIs, and metrics to ensure that objectives are realized.

3. Specific programs, policies, tools and partnerships to support effective implementation of operational changes, technical changes (design & installation), and behavioural changes to enable tenants to become active participants in your sustainability journey.

4. OPTIONAL: Green Building Certification to communicate your sustainability efforts and elevate your brand value.

“Occupant engagement for sustainability is an important means to bridge the gap between predicted and actual building performance, leading to energy and other savings averaging 9-10%.”  – 2012 Sustainability Roundtable [/styled_box]

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