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Effecting behaviour is the critical component required to transition your organization into a culture of conservation – one where people truly walk the shared talk. Our approach looks at your people, your process, and your property to define a strategic framework that aligns your organization’s vision of a sustainable future, with the day-to-day practicalities of running a profitable business.

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Your people are the face of your organization; they are the embodiment of your corporate culture and are responsible for bringing your sustainability plan to life. You want them to understand your plan and to become active participants 
in the realization of your vision, goals and objectives. TurnLeaf draws upon our extensive experience in designing multistage communication, change management, and social marketing strategies to strengthen the trust, accountability, and engagement between your stakeholders and your business. This includes establishing performance targets, identifying key players and what their personal motivations and barriers are, as well as facilitating customized workshops and training programs, to build your resources and heighten your capacity for change. The result is a transformational plan that bridges the gap between awareness and accountability into a realized culture of sustainability.

Your process is the establishment of systems and protocols for managing your sustainability program, strategically and comprehensively. By developing structured procedures and management systems, staff are formally equipped to perform their jobs in alignment with your sustainably goals. Practices include certified GHG inventory assessment and quantification; energy, water, waste, transportation and procurement planning; and communication and infrastructure management. TurnLeaf’s proprietary assessment tools, most notably, its Green Office Tool, along with KPI and comprehensive gap and recommendation analyses, will establish a scalable sustainability program that contributes to your legacy of innovation, leadership, and business excellence.

Your property is the physical demonstration of your sustainability strategy. Optimizing
 your workplace environment begins with assessing your infrastructure and inventory, then detailing opportunities for upgrades and retrofits and the ROI that these modifications can have. As well, environmental certification presents a strategic opportunity for businesses not only to drive improvement, but also to signal a commitment to exceeding stakeholder expectations. TurnLeaf’s extensive experience and technical knowledge of building operations and infrastructure investments, transcending from commercial offices, recreation centers, restaurants, ski resorts, hotels, and works yards, enables us to guide multi-sectoral projects from baseline establishment to certification approval.

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