Interactive Games

We have designed a suite of e-learning tools to enhance learning and maximize target audience participation in our clients’ sustainability programs. This online-facing platform includes a variety of fun, interactive games and shared media opportunities to extend your education and engagement efforts, while also enhancing your sustainability profile. They can be used independently, or as part of a full service consulting strategy. 

Myths Shattered

Help to dispel some of the myths about energy conservation and educate your target audience about actions they can take, at home and a work, with TurnLeaf’s Myths Shattered game.  This true or false style game increases your energy and sustainability awareness.

Waste Watchers

Still trying to educate your target audience about ‘what goes where’ with your waste and recycling program?  Waste Watchers is another, fun, interactive game developed by TurnLeaf Consulting.  It will improve recycling education and increase your waste diversion rate, by challenging players to sort 34 items into the correct bins, in a race against time.

What’s WATT?

Make your office a model of efficiency.  This learning tool gives players 2 minutes to try to match each wattage to its corresponding electrical appliance.